Published Mon 08 Aug 2022

Australia’s Professor Michael Henderson has been appointed as the inaugural Chair of the World Masters Hockey (WMH) Medical Advisory Committee for a four-year term. The committee includes professional members from the UK, Sri Lanka, Wales, New Zealand and Australia and will provide expert advice on the safety, health and wellbeing of all matters relating to WMH and Masters Hockey.

Henderson – the immediate past President of Hockey WA, founder/CEO of the global acute trauma medical organisation, Emergency Triage Services, and a Professorial Fellow the University of Western Australia Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry & Health Sciences – was honoured to accept the appointment.

“The formation of this global medical advisory committee is an exciting chapter for WMH and will be a valuable resource for all Masters hockey players internationally,” Henderson said.

“Hockey is an extraordinary sport that is played competitively by many into their 90s so demands on health, fitness and wellbeing in Masters hockey takes on a different perspective to many other sports.”

WMH Ltd. is a company, owned by its worldwide membership and set up in Scotland (UK) in 2018. WMH is recognised by the Federation of International Hockey (FIH) as the hockey body responsible for Masters Hockey internationally.

Henderson has successfully represented Western Australia nationally in hockey on several occasions and played internationally in World Masters hockey matches. He has also won multiple championships in both open wheel racing cars and on grand prix motorcycles.

Hockey WA congratulated Michael on his appointment in this important international role.

“One of the best things about hockey is its capacity for multigeneration participation – and it’s core to Hockey WA’s strategic plan,” CEO Fabian Ross said.

“Michael keeping an eye out for our senior competitors means they're in great hands to stick with the sport we all love.”