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HA Masters Indoor Challenge - 2019 Wollongong NSW

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The 2019 HA Masters Indoor Challenge to be held in Wollongong NSW this year.
This year the Men's and the Women's Tournaments will be held over separate weekends.
Team entries close 11pm (AEST) Monday 21 October 2019 (new date) changed from 9th September 2019.

2020 Australian Women’s Teams Announced for World Cup

Following the completion of the 2019 Women’s Masters Championship held on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Hockey Australia Masters announced the selection of the following WA players to play for Australia in the World Cup 2020:


Nottingham, UK

Over 35s:

Coach - Allison Rieck

Tahryn Trevenen

Claire Smith (shadow)


Over 40s:

Rachel Sherborne

Dirranie Kirby (shadow)


Capetown, South Africa

Over 45s:

Donella Berry

Isobel Bevis

Katy Vipond


Over 50s:

Assistant Coach – Tammy Cowan

Robyn Himbeck

Julie Waddell (Leadership)

Suzanne Bowyer (shadow)


Over 55s:

Pippa Button

Kelley Robinson

Carolyn Adams (shadow)

Judy Bailiff (shadow)


Over 60s:

Kim Chandler

Suzi Wood (Leadership)

Marie Fulbert-Hadet


Over 65s:

Janese McDougall (Leadership)
Karen Allan (shadow)
Gail Anderson (shadow)
Sue Gallinagh (shadow)
Jill Sheehan (shadow)



Congratulations to all players selected.

2019 Awards - Outstanding Contribution to Western Australia Women’s Masters Hockey

Awards for Outstanding Contribution to Western Australia Women’s Masters Hockey are announced at the Women's National Championships each year.

We are pleased to publish the recipients of the award this year:

Karen Allen
Anita Duckworth
Robyn Himbeck
Wendy Quint
Helen Rule

Congratulations to all recipients.   

2019 Green and Gold Award

The recipients of the Green and Gold Award in recognition of Australian Women’s Masters Representation as a player or official on at least 10 occasions, are announced at the Women's National Championships each year.

The WA Masters Hockey Committee would like to congratulate Janese McDougall who was awarded entry into the Green and Gold Club at this year’s tournament on the Gold Coast.

2019 Masters Indoor Challenge - Women's Competition

This email is to confirm that sufficient nominations have been received in every age group in the women’s competition and that the Over 35s, 40s, 50s and 60s competitions will go ahead as scheduled.  If you have not yet supplied your uniform picture/colour scheme, could you do so asap to


Additional team nominations?

Ideally we would like to receive one more nomination in each of the over 35s, 50s and 60s competitions.  Team nominations will remain open until 21 October – mainly to attract more men’s teams, however if you have friends who want to put forward a team in the women’s competition, please spread the word.