We are sure all those involved are aware of the current lockdown situation in NSW, WA's imposed hard border with NSW, and are feeling unsure and concerned about what that means for the tournament and you individually.  Attending the tournament has a large time and cost commitment we understand the potential risks involved.

WAMHC are likewise concerned and have been working in the background with Hockey WA and the Hockey Australia Masters Committee (HAMC) to address the situation.  HAMC are responsible for the organisation of the tournament.

Hockey Australia met yesterday (with the Hockey WA and other state hockey bodies) on the Masters tournament and have created a working group to consider the situation.  Our understanding is that a decision on the tournament is planned to be made by the end of next week to allow sufficient time for bookings to be cancelled if necessary without penalty. 

Please refer to the HAMC announcment http://www.hockeyaustraliamasters.org.au/mens/2021-national-championship-update/

We will keep you updated on any developments and decisions and will send a further notification on Wednesday 21/7/2021 or earlier if there are any new updates.

Hockey WA Masters Committee